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Interactive Touch Displays With No Hassle Implementation For Your Business

SeeTouch interactive displays provide unparallelled technological power, functionality, and performance for your business or organization. As a leading collaborative technology solution, SeeTouch interactive displays give your business the edge in your daily meetings, collaborative brainstorming, video conferencing, and global collaboration—all without the hassle, steep learning curves, or disruption of other

Simple Installation, Powerful Results

Interactive whiteboards, projectors, and smart panels can all have costly, disruptive, and time-consuming installations and ongoing maintenance fees that can burden your business. Some even require a heavy leveraging of your IT department for constant configuration and reconfiguration, or construction crews to tear apart your conference room to install wiring for your interactive whiteboard or projector. SeeTouch interactive panels, on the other hand, are a superior technology solution that are up and running in a matter of a few hours, and our professional technicians handle the entire installation process for you!

A Clear Winner Over the Competition

As a 100% U.S.-owned business, we take immense pride in the quality of our products and service. SeeTouch interactive displays are a superior technology that outperforms nearly all other categories of collaborative technology. For example:

20-Point Touch System

Our interactive panels utilize an innovative 20-point touch system that outperforms more imprecise digital whiteboards, which rely on infrared sensors that are easily disrupted or blocked during use by multiple users.

High Quality Picture

SeeTouch interactive panels outperform projectors, which rely on costly bulbs and reconfiguration to achieve ideal visibility, in nearly every category, including brightness, ease of use, software, ongoing maintenance costs, functionality, and performance.

Optimal Performance

We takes pride in our displays energy efficiency, speed, capabilities, ongoing value, and software, which is why SeeTouch interactive panels outperform many of the leading brands of smart panels and interactive displays on the market today. 

Flexible and Always Up-to-Date

SeeTouch interactive displays are the ideal blend of both hardware and software. In fact, our interactive display software is uniquely crafted and optimized for our panels, ensuring peak efficiency and consistent performance. We also provide our powerful suite of interactive software free of charge—both at time of purchase and at time of upgrade. And, unlike many smart panel providers, we do not lock you into any proprietary software subscriptions, which are both limiting and expensive. Rather, our operating system lets you continue to use the existing programs you know and love.

World-class Support

Our interactive smart displays were created to perform well, and they often require little to no ongoing maintenance and support. But when you do have a question or a need, we provide a wealth of incredible resources at your fingertips and a second-to-none support community ready to serve you—not to mention our comprehensive on-site warranties, which ensure you’re always up and running.

Ready to Purchase?

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