SeeTouch Interactive® Panels

Introducing the Latest
Intuitive Touch Technology

A newer, better experience for Mac® users

Bring Your Mac® Devices to Life with 20 Simultaneous Points of Touch

While our interactive panels connect and work well with all kinds of devices, there have been limitations in the past. In particular, Mac® users have had to make due with one point of touch. Until now.

Introducing an exclusive SeeTouch product. We are proud to announce a new driver that will allow users of Mac® devices to have 20 simultaneous points of touch. Get the full benefit of our robust, collaborative applications like Snowflake and enjoy a more intuitive user interface with our latest update.

Welcome to a better, truly touch-friendly experience. Welcome to 20 points of touch.

Make the switch

Easy to Upgrade Your Panel

We make touch panels more functional for Mac® users—and our latest technology is available for both new panels and existing panels.

All of our new panels come with 20 simultaneous points of touch for Mac® devices built-in, but you can take advantage of the upgrade even if you own an earlier model interactive display. Simply download the new driver, which will replace the touch-based driver that you have been using, and you’re ready to go!

Intuitive movements

Better Control and Collaboration

With the new upgrade, using your SeeTouch interactive panel with Mac® devices has never been easier—or more comprehensive. Not only does the new driver give users enhanced features like two finger scrolling and pinch to zoom, it also allows you to launch into Snowflake and other collaborative applications.

Brainstorm with your colleagues, link multiple devices without losing any functionality, get students moving and collaborating. It’s all possible when your touch panel responds to multiple users simultaneously.

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