Interactive Displays for Business

Best-in-class Business Collaboration

SeeTouch Interactive displays deliver next-generation functionality and interactivity to your business meetings, presentations, and brainstorming sessions. SeeTouch Interactive displays are a smart collaborative technology that empower your team to present and interact with digital content in a more meaningful and intuitive way. With our innovative 20-point interactive touchscreen system, you will expand your technology usage to hundreds of new uses, from interactive training to sales and marketing presentations to brainstorming and planning sessions.

Best-in-class viewing experience

Say goodbye to dark conference rooms, weak projector bulbs, and outdated technology. Enjoy unhindered visibility and functionality that is unmatched by traditional projectors and interactive whiteboards alike. SeeTouch Interactive displays boast a vivid viewing experience with Ultra HD display technology. And with a wide range of panel sized from 55” to 86”, you will find just the right screen size for your conference room or office space.

Simple Connectivity and Power

With any new technology, it’s important to know that it will be both easy to adopt and that it will work as expected for you and your team. SeeTouch panels are simple-to-use, yet powerful. Our combination of simplicity and power translates perfectly into business, guaranteeing quick adoption and a gentle learning curve for your team.

Screens And Accessories Tailored To Your Space

One size doesn’t always fit all! Coming in five sizes from 55” to 86”, SeeTouch Interactive panels can be adapted to your particular conference room, office, or space. Mobile stands also give you collaborative technology on-the-go, whether you want to present in the lobby or incorporate it into an interactive display.

The Business Presentation

Businesses utilize a wide variety of software and tools in their daily operations, from PowerPoint to Excel to Adobe products and more. Many interactive whiteboard and interactive smart panel providers lock you into proprietary software packages that are both costly and limiting to the programs you love. But SeeTouch Interactive panels with our optional onboard PC give you all the flexibility to use the programs you know and need. But you also receive our powerful, custom-crafted suite of interactive software free of charge, forever!

Make the Wise Investment

Unlock the power of collaborative brainstorming, video conferencing, and global collaboration with your very own SeeTouch Interactive panels. Each panel is made to order, which means you will receive only the most up-to-date technology. And with our comprehensive on-site warranties, you’re ensured that your investment is a wise one. And if you have a question or a need, SeeTouch provides a vast knowledgebase of technical resources and boasts a second-to-none support community, ready to serve you. Take the next step today!

Ready to Purchase?

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