SeeTouch Interactive Panels Improve School Communication

Eliminate IT headaches with easy-to-implement
classroom technology.

SeeTouch Interactive panels are designed to make school administrators’ and IT managers’ lives easier. With all-in-one communication management systems, low maintenance costs, and a simple installation process, SeeTouch Interactive gets everyone up and running quickly.

An all-in-one classroom solution

Replace multiple devices with one interactive panel

SeeTouch Interactive panels replace multiple devices with one seamless system. With 9 ports (including an optional onboard PC), our interactive panels can function independently from any other device or seamlessly integrate with any connected device—all this without any complicated wiring. It is not at all uncommon for school IT departments to replace four or more devices with a single SeeTouch Interactive panel.

Internet Access

Multiple Ports

Full Software Suite

Remotely manage school technology

Easily manage all of your educational technology

Blown projector bulbs, broken ports, and lack of legacy ports makes managing classroom technology painful. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your classroom technology work for you—not the other way around. With easy integration, reliable panel technology, and remote access, SeeTouch Interactive panels allow IT managers to more easily manage and support all classroom technology remotely, increasing response time and saving precious time spent in the classroom.

Easily connect to all your devices

Nine ports give you ideal access and connectivity

With constant new devices hitting the market, and older devices left over, you barely know what you want to connect today. Many of the competitors limit your connectivity by only offering limited inputs. SeeTouch panels have 9 inputs—3 standard USBs, 3 HDMI inputs, AV legacy input, an embedded Android system, and an internal PC (recommended on all panels, though not required). If a cord is accidentally yanked out and a port is broken, redundant ports allow you to easily continue teaching without having to fix the problem immediately.

Gather usage data and
classroom statistics

SeeTouch Interactive panels also give you an intuitive dashboard where you can understand and monitor panel usage. Easily sort by individual machines or teachers to get a holistic view of your school’s technology usage.

Automatic actions

Script actions for easier

For all of its diversity, the rhythm of school life is fairly regular and repetitive. SeeTouch Interactive panels provide IT managers with EasiRemote, an intuitive way to script recurring tasks, such as automated power up or down. The sky’s the limit.

Simple Technology Implementation

Install and implement our panels
with ease

SeeTouch Interactive panels are quick and simple to install—easier than most projectors. You can get your school up and running on the same system within days, and the panels are so intuitive you’ll only need a single training session to get everyone up to speed.

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