SeeTouch Interactive’s Power Savings Solutions

Solutions That Deliver Big Savings

Administrators want solutions that work well on a large scale, and IT and operations crews need technology that’s simple to maintain and cost-effective in the long run. Unlike classroom projectors which burn through expensive bulbs and pull large amounts of power, SeeTouch interactive panels are both energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Installation Process

Lower Cost Installations

SeeTouch interactive panels do not require complicated installs like projectors or Interactive whiteboards. With only one power cord and all ports built directly into the device, our interactive panels post a minimum installation cost. Often, our team can set up and calibrate your entire school in a matter of hours or days depending on the number of panels purchased.

Power Consumption for SeeTouch Interactive Panels

Extended Service Life

At SeeTouch Interactive, we stand behind the quality of our interactive displays, which offer a 50,000 hour LED lifespan. We also offer a three year warranty on every registered interactive panel.

Year Warranty

Hour LED Lifespan
on all panels

On-Site Repairs

Simplify Machine Maintenance

Some classroom technology solutions require you to package up broken or malfunctioning machines, send them back to the factory in the original packaging, and then wait weeks for the repaired machine to be fixed. At Seetouch we believe in simplifying that process. If an interactive panel breaks or malfunctions, we will come on-site to fix it. And if we can’t on-site, we will take it with us and provide you with a spare while we fix things.


Automate Interactive Panel Power

SeeTouch panels can be remotely scripted to allow for automated power settings. Simply script actions that match your school schedule and have all machines power on and off at the times you need them. Over the year, this delivers massive power savings and eliminates the problem of a machine accidentally being left on.

Ready to Purchase?

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