SeeTouch Interactive Panels Improve School Communication

Classroom Technology Without Costly
Educational Software Subscriptions


We know software subscription costs can eat away at your budget. SeeTouch Interactive has always believed in offering our full educational software suite along with all of our devices. That’s why we make it point to not charge recurring fees for our software and give you the flexibility to use your existing software packages on all of our panels.

Say goodbye to costly subscriptions. Say hello to better software.

Full access to our education software suite

SeeTouch delivers a premier educational software solution with each of our interactive panels. Experience the versatility and power of EasiNote, Snowflake, and EasiCapture—all of which put the focus back on your teaching. EasiConnect and EasiRemote also equip administrators and IT managers with easy access and management capabilities for all devices. And it all comes with no commitments of ongoing software fees!

See our software in action

Our full suite of software will help you accomplish amazing things in the classroom. Watch the video to find out what software tools are included with every SeeTouch Interactive panel purchase and how they can turn teaching into an interactive experience.

No subscription necessary

Cut software costs

Many interactive whiteboards and interactive projectors might boast of a lower price tag, but their costly software subscriptions quickly close the gap, making them more expensive solutions. SeeTouch Interactive panels not only deliver a higher-quality interactive experience, but they also eliminate those pesky software subscription requirements to make them usable.

Keep your current software

Use existing software licenses

Many teachers have spent years learning and mastering other teaching softwares, and many schools have invested heavily in these licenses. And we believe that our interactive panels should support you and not forbid you from using these tools. We don’t hold you “hostage” to using the software that comes with our panels, and you’ll never be charged for an ongoing license.

Ready to Purchase?

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