Advanced Business Technology

Make Your Job Easier with the Right Interactive Display for your Business

SeeTouch Interactive panels give managers advanced tools for doing business. Our full suite of premier business software includes EasiConnect, which allows team members to seamlessly integrate mobile devices and tablets to your interactive panel and EasiRemote, which allows managers to sync one, some, or all panels together for instantaneous business-wide communication. Our interactive panels are also efficient to implement, simple to manage and offer long-term energy savings—making them a great investment for your business dollar.

A Smart Investment For Your Business

We designed our SeeTouch Interactive panels with business owners and management in
mind. Unlike interactive whiteboards and projectors, SeeTouch panels offer energy
savings, no ongoing maintenance costs since there are no bulbs to replace and no
expensive software subscriptions.

Better Communication Means Better Business

The business world today runs on information, which means it is important for business leaders to have the ability to immediately and effectively communicate to the entire company. Company-wide announcements, training modules, and other time-sensitive communications are made easier with SeeTouch Interactive panels—get information to everyone who needs it at the touch of a button.

Intuitive Interface, Easy Training

Using our SeeTouch Interactive panels is intuitive and easy. Your team members can learn to use our systems in a matter of hours, especially when you schedule our optional staff training event. We also offer thorough, ongoing documentation about how our products work as well as training videos to help you make the most of your interactive panels.

Easy Installation

While installing interactive whiteboards or digital projectors often takes weeks and involves internal IT support, additional wiring in your walls, complicated ceiling mounts, and construction crews, setting up your new SeeTouch Interactive panels is simple. Plug in the power cable, let us handle some basic IT set up and schedule your one-day staff training, and you’re ready to go. We can have you fully operational in days rather than weeks.

Made to Order for You

We don’t carry any inventory from year to year. Each interactive panel is made at the time of
the order so that you always get the best. When you purchase our interactive panels, you
know that the technology we deliver was made specifically for your business using the most
recent technology available. We also work with you to deliver and install on your schedule.

Ready to Purchase?

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