Introducing a new way to teach

Flexible Interactive Panels for Any
Teaching Style.

When it comes to teaching, interactive panel technology empowers a new generation of intuitive classroom interaction and learning. SeeTouch Interactive panels easily adjust 90 degrees to allow for a tabletop interactive panel. With 20 points of touch and a crystal See screen resolution, SeeTouch Interactive delivers a new dimension of flexibility to the classroom and the ideal high-definition, interactive learning experience.

Tabletop Interactive Panels

Encourage small-group interaction

Our tabletop interactive panel orientation encourages more small-group learning and enables teachers to deliver a more personalized educational experience. Simply rotate the top of the panel 180 degrees and make the learning experience accessible to every student, regardless of height or disability.

Student interaction

Engaging learning experience

By creating an interactive experience in the center of the room, SeeTouch Interactive panels allow you to engage students in a much more meaningful way. Teachers can gather students around the interactive tabletop panel and encourage more meaningful interaction with the lesson.

Truly Accessible Teaching

Wheelchair accessible

When it comes to education, everyone deserves the same interactive access to the lessons. By turning the panel to a 180-degree orientation, teachers can now take new steps in making their lessons truly accessible to everyone.

Accessible And Safe

Sturdy construction

Safety is always first, and SeeTouch Interactive panels deliver a sturdy design well-suited for all ages. All of our interactive panels come with our very own steel wall mount or mobile cart, depending on your choice. This allows you to avoid any fall hazards and injuries from unsteady or improperly mounted machines.

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