It All Adds Up:

Calculating Total Cost of Ownership for New Technology Purchases

How SeeTouch Technology Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

While the upfront cost of any new technology is an important consideration before making a final purchasing decision, it’s not the most important consideration. Total cost of ownership ought to play a far greater role in your tech purchasing decision than the initial cost—but how do you calculate how much your technology will cost you over the life of the product?

Some factors, such as savings on power consumption and expected service life are complicated and more difficult to calculate. However, you can easily look at hidden costs such as recurring fees, consumables, and expected maintenance and repairs to help guide your purchasing decision. Based on total cost of ownership, interactive displays are a much better value than either interactive whiteboards or projectors, and SeeTouch™ panels are a better value than other interactive displays on the market.

The SeeTouch development team is committed to delivering the greatest value at the most reasonable overall cost.

Here are a few ways we reduce your total cost of ownership:

Software Subscriptions & Additional Hardware

Many of our competitors who provide interactive displays also require customers to pay annual software subscription fees, sign up for cloud-based storage plans, or pay other recurring fees. Some competitors also rely on additional hardware devices to enable screen sharing capabilities or they require a specific kind of device in order to connect wirelessly. All of these extra fees and accessories can really add up! SeeTouch™ panels are all-in-one, flexible, walk-up ready platforms that are both software and device agnostic. Use our subscription-free educational software or use your favorite educational programs directly from your panel or from any connected device.

Ongoing Training, Maintenance, & Repairs

There’s something to be said for simplicity. SeeTouch Interactive® displays are easy to install and implement school-wide, saving you service and maintenance costs. We don’t have to run wiring through your walls or reinforce drywall studs, thanks to our innovative stands and wall mounts. In general, we can have our panels installed, integrated with your existing technology, and ready to use in a day or two—and we can have teachers through their initial training and ready to start developing content just as quickly. Panel purchase also includes access to the Snowflake MultiTeach community and to SeeTouch™ Academy for free continued training and support.

Loss of IT
Department Time

In addition to simplified installation and fewer ongoing training and maintenance responsibilities, SeeTouch™ saves your IT department time by providing a bundled, all-in-one solution. At many schools, the head of the IT department is responsible not only for managing all school technology but also for finding new solutions, making recommendations to the administration, and submitting budget proposals to the district. Other solutions that require ongoing software subscriptions or complicated hardware accessories in order to be effective—also require a longer, more detailed approval process at the district level. Since SeeTouch™ bundles all costs into one streamlined package (and since we offer easy financing for schools), your IT department can spend less time crunching the numbers and filling out paperwork and more time supporting your teachers and administrative staff.

Loss of Class Time & Momentum

Anyone who’s stood in front of a class knows how quickly and easily you can lose the students—if you can’t figure out how to launch the presentation or if a cable goes bad or a bulb goes out, you’re sunk. While loss of class time isn’t a hard cost, it’s an important soft cost that goes to the heart of your mission and reason for existence. Even when everything is working perfectly, interactive whiteboards and projectors are simply obsolete technology that force teachers to spend valuable class time warming up and calibrating the screen, switching inputs, rearranging seating to avoid shadows and glares so students can see, and dealing with noise. In contrast, SeeTouch Interactive® displays are a noiseless, seamless solution that don’t require any warm-up time or calibration, and allow users to connect wirelessly and switch between inputs remotely. By empowering teachers to do their best work, SeeTouch™ also aims to reduce burnout and turnover in the classroom.

Projector Bulbs

Unlike interactive whiteboards and projectors, SeeTouch Interactive® displays don’t require projector bulbs in order to operate. Imagine that you buy interactive whiteboards for every classroom in your school for about $2,000 a piece. Over time, you will likely buy at least 3 projector bulbs for each device—and pay a dispatch fee to have those bulbs replaced. You’re also likely to go through other consumables over the product lifetime, including adapters, USB cables, power cables, VGA cables, audio cables, and interactive digital pens. You won’t need any extra cables or digital pens to start using your SeeTouch™ panel. Simply plug it in, press the power button, and get to work.

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