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Redefining Workplace Collaboration

Workplaces keep developing, becoming more collaborative and interactive every day. Work colleagues expect to be able to connect instantly, on any device, and to be able to work side-by-side or remotely without any interruption.

We’ve released our new 6000 Series of panels to respond to the demand for shared workspaces, flexible huddle spaces, and more synergistic working practices. The 6000 Series is our easiest to use, most intuitive, most powerful, and most interactive panel yet—loaded with features that help you collaborate and work smarter.

More Connectivity

20 Points of Touch

Ultra HD

Enhanced Android Processor

20 Points of Touch

Get Everyone Involved

As the leader in collaborative business solutions, we are always looking for ways to help our customers do more with technology. In addition to 20 points of simultaneous touch on Windows and Android OS, our panels also support 10 points of simultaneous touch when writing and for Mac OS (many competitors only support one point of touch on Mac) as well as the ability to use the touch screen and write with the pen at the same time. Our intuitive, easy-glide touch interface is finely calibrated to work in any position. Whether you have your panel mounted to the wall, have it set at an angle on your mobile stand, or are using it in the tabletop position, there’s no need to readjust your panel in order to get the interface to work correctly.

Enhanced Android OS

Faster Processing, Familiar Interface

When you’re presenting, or setting up a remote connection for a video conference, you want to be able to demonstrate mastery to your colleagues and business associates, using the corporate technology with ease. Collaborative teams want to spend their time hashing out their latest project—not struggling with clunky, outdated technology. The 6000 Series uses the simple, familiar Android 5.1 Operating System with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM built-in. Each of our new panels also arrives pre-loaded with the SeeTouch Store, a branded, streamlined Android app store that lets you get the application you need directly on your panel screen with one touch.

More Connectivity For

Better Business

Providing multiple inputs and outputs and wireless capability is about more than greater connectivity and better opportunities for collaboration. It’s about convenience and reliability, too. Every salesperson knows that sinking feeling of showing up for the big presentation only to have your technology quit on you. The updated panel on the 6000U Series features multiple USB and HDMI ports in addition to an HDMI output. Of course, you can always connect wirelessly with any external device.


USB 2.0 Ports


USB 3.0 Ports


HDMI Inputs

What About Accessories?


Stands & Mounts

Keep your current stand or wall mount when you upgrade! We’ve designed our new 6000 Series to work with all of our existing accessories, including stands, and mounts, making it easier for our customers to get the newest panel.

Bonus Features Just for Business

Plus, the SeeTouch Interactive Business Package comes with exclusive additional features designed specifically for professional environments—including a panoramic camera and optional PC.

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