SeeTouch Interactive Panels Improve School Communication

Empowering Better Communication
and Interactivity

SeeTouch Interactive panels are designed to make school administrators’ and IT managers’ lives easier. With all-in-one communication management systems, low maintenance costs, and a simple installation process, SeeTouch Interactive gets everyone up and running quickly.

Easy to learn & manage

One Simple System

Administrators can now keep everyone on the same page. If you’re using multiple panels throughout the building, the EasiRemote system provides a unified interface for remote monitoring and management.

Versatile messaging to fit all your needs

Instant Communication

The flexible, easy-to-use EasiRemote system can be customized to fit your school’s needs precisely. Broadcast morning announcements with full multi-cast video, or contact a single room to page a student to the office. You can even create custom groups such as a grade level or a wing.

Simultaneous Messaging

School Emergency 
Communication System

In case of an emergency, you can send quick, effective audio or visual messages to every interactive panel in the building simultaneously. If you only need to contact one part of the school, use preprogrammed “districts” to send custom messages to only certain panels. Knowing you have powerful tools to help organize school communication or navigate unexpected situations will give you great peace of mind.

Ready to Purchase?

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